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Mental Health

In 2013, one-in-five Missouri adults reported having some form of mental illness. But, mental health centers are seeing budgets slashed and wait lists lengthen. IMKC is dedicated to counteracting some of these shortfalls.

IMKC is committed to providing quality mental health services throughout the Kansas City Metropolitan Area.


Minimize the impact of mental, emotional and sexual trauma through the provision of the highest quality of mental health services to those who are under-privileged or under-served, and are unable to access such services due to financial or circumstantial barriers.

Our Mission

"Over the past two years I've gone to see Leslie Abbey via city bus at her office in Prairie Village. Sometimes the trip would take up to an hour including the short  walk from my bus stop on 75th & Wornall. But the journey was more than worth it. I've gained a tremendous amount of insight about my life and my history of sexual abuse as a child that I had managed to suppress memories of for nearly 8 years. With her help I've learned new methods on how to navigate my way through difficult relationships, whether they be family, friends or a romantic interest. 

I'm here to tell you that seeking out the help and guidance of a therapist doesn't mean that you're crazy, it just means you know there are problems that you face outside of your realm of understanding. Getting the help you need isn't at all cowardly or shameful, but an incredibly brave thing to do and a step forward in your journey of healing."


The Lives We Impact: Vanessa's Story

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